Giant-Giant Coneflowers

My Giant ConeflowerI visited Mechanicsburg, PA in 2005 looking into the possibility of moving to the area.  I came across a flower sale that was nearly ending and bought a “Giant” Coneflower.  It was about 3 feet tall, but broke on the way back to Wellsboro.  I planted it and next season it came back.  We decided to move that year and when the coneflower was about 3 feet tall, I dug it up and prepared to move it again.  The one stalk again got broken.  I replanted this hardy perennial in a new home in the center of the garden and waited.  The next summer it came back with 2 stalks and buds.  I loved the blossems.  However, we decided the next spring to move again and, yes I took this plant with me.  Because it was early in the season and I really didn’t have my new garden laid out, I created a small area which would later become my “Rescue garden”.  The giant coneflower really took off and with 2 stalks about 5 foot tall, I thought about looking for more.  Still haven’t as of yet, but now we are in our 2nd full season in the same location.  I had my wife take the photo of this year’s growth.  I measure the tallest stalk to be over 6 feet – and it is still growing.  This is truely a Giant!

07012010-0046  In 2010, the Giant Cone remaining in its home, has split into 5 main stalks and several off shoots.  It has grown to over 6 foot this summer.


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